Eating out if you are gluten free and vegan can be tricky and even a little frustrating. Please read on for a few thoughts and ideas on places to eat if you want to eat gluten free vegan food or vegetarian food.

Eating out
Check the menu of restaurants where you plan to eat and make sure that staff are aware of your requirements prior to your visit – restaurants welcome notice so they can plan and research the menu. Gluten can be in sauces, coatings (e.g. breadcrumbs) and stock. Many chefs would be happy to cook something gluten free off the menu with some prior notice and a little advice.

These are place I have eaten and can recommend after at least one good experience.

Saf Restaurant was an all vegan concessions in Whole Foods Market, Kensington and Harvey Nichols, London. Gluten free and raw items are clearly marked on the menu. Saf is developing it’s own line of products. It’s restuarant in Curtain Road in East London closed down in early 2012 – sadly Saf closed for good in early 2014.

Jamie’s Italian A chain but with gluten free vegan pasta and a number of (limited) options e.g. arabiatta sauce.

Crussh A small chain specialising in juices but with a great tofu zero noodle pot which is vegan and gluten free. Recent changes to the way the menu is annotated make it harder to work out if food is vegan and gluten free without asking the (very helpful) staff to look at the detailed ingredients

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