Potato salad

This gluten free vegan potato salad recipe is great in the summer or winter and can be made with waxy or floury potatoes – each type will produce a very different textured (and delicious) salad. Using shop bought gfv mayonnaise makes this an even easy recipe for salad but the aioli works really well. It’s your choice of mint or dill – the salad works great with both – think about what you plan to serve the salad with.

The potato salad is great with a vegetarian picnic or barbecue including seasonal tarts, cornbread and coleslaw.

1.5 kg potatoes
2 spring onions
2 tbs gfv mayonnaise or aioli
Handful of mint or dill

1. Clean the chop the potatoes (no need to peel) in to bite sized chunks and place in a large pan, just cover with cold water and bring to a simmer
2. Once the potatoes are cooked drain them and return the potatoes to the pan on a very low heat, shaking gently, for ~ 20 secs. This will dry the potatoes. Place the potatoes in a serving bowl
3. Whilst the potatoes are still warm finely chop the spring onions and add to thow bowl with the mayonnaise or aioli and finely chopped mint or dill. Season and serve

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