Tofu with black beans

This tofu with black beans is the closest you will get to gluten free vegan dishes of China at home. Similar to vegetable recipes in Chinese restaurants with the advantage of being gluten free and vegan. It is my absolute favourite! An easy dinner recipe. Serve with plain rice or spicy rice noodles. Delicious!

Tofu is an amazing ingredient if you want to learn more about tofu there are some great websites that can tell you more or even tell you how to make it at home.

2 tbs vegeatble oil
1 packet pre-fried tofu
2 garlic cloves
2 red chillies
2 cm ginger
2 tbs salted black beans, chopped
6 spring onions
100 ml vegetable broth
2 tsp corn four
2 tsp cooking rice wine (or sherry if you cannot get rice wine)
0.5 tsp sesame oil
3 tsp tamari (or other gfv soya sauce)
2 pak choi

1. Heat a wok (or large pan) and add the vegetable oil
2. Grate the ginger, skin and chop the garlic and chop the spring onions in to 2 cm length. Chop the black beans
3. When the oil is hot add the ginger and spring onions followed by the garlic (do not let the garlic burn it will add an unpleasant background taste to the dish). Stirring constantly
4. Add the black beans and cook for a minute.
5. Slice the tofu, add to the wok and cook for 2 mins
6. Chop the pak choi and add
8. In a bowl, combine vegetable broth, corn flour, sesame oil, cooking rice wine and tamari. Stir until everything is well incorporated
8. Pour the sauce mixture in to the wok and cook until the it thickens (~2 mins) and serve.

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