Treacle toffee

Hallowe’en, bonfire night…. They are both so close to each other the food offerings for each start to overlap. This gluten free vegan treacle toffee recipe is good if you want to hand some out to trick or treaters (if you open your door to them). I like it a little soft and chewy. A sugar thermometer is good to use for this recipe. Please, please be careful with this it does get very hot!!!

You can use this to make toffee apples too.

450 g gfv dark brown sugar
120 ml water
0.25 tsp gfv cream of tartar
115 g gfv black treacle or molasses

1. Carefully grease a 30 x 10 cm tin
2. In a large heavy based pan dissolve the sugar and water over a low heat. Once dissolved add all the remaining ingredients, turn up the heat and bring to the boil. Using a sugar thermometer boil to 140 C (soft crack)
3. NB if you do not have a sugar thermometer stand a jug of cold water next to the pan. When the toffee starts to thicken drop a little of the syrup into the cold water. The toffee is ready when it solidifies into threads as it hits the water. When removed from the water the threads should still be slightly flexible
4. Once the temperature or the test above is reached (approx. 20-45 mins) carefully pour the toffee into the prepared tin and leave to cool
5. Once the toffee is cool remove it from the tin and break the toffee with the back of a sharp knife. It will crack into lots of pieces
6. Store in an airtight container.

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