Cinder toffee

Cinder toffee is perfect for Bonfire Night! Or any other night. It is naturally gluten free, dairy free and vegan. Cinder toffee is also called honey comb (solely because it looks a bit like honeycomb). Fabulous mixed with gfv ice cream or topped with gfv chocolate. Yum!

This is a really simple recipe for toffee – there are more complicated ones using butter and/ or vinegar but you do not need those. Let’s keep it simple.

Toffee of any kind is not healthy – it is basically sugar. But it does taste good and it is a treat. As with any toffee be careful hot sugar burns!!!

500 g gfv sugar
225 g gfv golden syrup
90 ml water
1 tbs gfv bicarbonate of soda

1. Grease a 20 x 30 cm tin and line the bottom and sides with greased greaseproof paper
2. Place the sugar, golden syrup and water to a deep, heavy bottomed saucepan and bring the mixture to the boil – do not stir but you can swirl the pan to mix it a little
3. Boil until the mixture reaches 149-154 C on a sugar thermometer (the hard crack stage). This should take about 10 mins
4. Remove from heat, add the bicarbonate of soda and mix with a wooden spoon. The mixture will bubble, froth and increase in volume when adding the bicarbonate of soda so be careful
5. Immediately pour into the prepared tin. Let the toffee cool and set completely before breaking into pieces. Store at room temperature in an airtight container.

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