Gluten free vegan baking is a little bit more tricky than other types of gfv cooking – the ingredients need to be measured accurately and the recipe method should be followed closely. BUT if you do those things the rewards to the gluten free, vegan cook are plentiful and many other recipe doors will open. Learning how to bake gluten free vegan will effectively mean starting from scratch. Cooking without gluten is different and you will use different ingredients. The effort you will put in to learning how to cook these recipes is worth it and you will not hanker after gluten based food.

It is essential that ingredient measurements are by weight and not by volume. This is because the density (the volume taken up by the same weight) of a gfv four for example varies – often considerably. This can have a major impact on the success of a recipe if using a gfv plain flour blend which differs from that on which the original recipe was tested. Different batches of the same flour can also have a different volume – for example if the flour has been compacted during storage.

If you have a special event coming up I can recommend the tried and much loved celebration cake. Don’t forget to decorate your celebration cake. Good for any special event and loved by all.

If you have any questions regarding measurement please drop a comment to the site.

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