The ethos of Gluten Free Vegan is that recipes should be simple to follow, straightforward and use basic ingredients that are easy to get hold of. This isn’t always possible but that’s the prevailing idea. The end result being delicious and healthy (well mostly healthy) food. Gluten free, vegan, cooking makes that aim a more complex but you will be relived to know we don’t use nitrogen or rocket science here!

The ingredients used in the recipes are easy to get hold of and mostly inexpensive. Check out the store cupboard essentials pages for more information on ingredients.

The recipes use metric measurements and you will need good quality weighing scales (especially for the baking sections). If you find metric measurements a bit tricky to translate there are lots of calculators via Google that are easy to use.

We don’t use cups as a measurement as measurement by volume tends to be inaccurate. This is particularly important for baking where quantities need to be accurate.

Abbreviations used on the site are fairly limited and simple but please see them expanded below…
Gluten free vegan – gfv
Grams – g
Kilogrammes – kg
Teaspoon – tsp
Tablespoon – tbs
Millilitre – ml
Litre – l
Centimetre – cm

The recipes included here aim to you help build an understanding of the basics of good gluten free vegan cookery and act as a springboard for you to go off and develop your own ideas.

Feel free to tinker with the recipes to suit your own tastes (and appetites). And please report back what you think (good and bad).

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