Dried bean curd anyone?

Sometimes you are put off buying stuff like dried bean curd stick because you just don’t know where to start! Only sometimes!!! Dried bean curd stick was a recent purchase from the local Vietnamese supermarket. Bean curd is great but I had never tried this and as it had been in the cupboard for a while I gave it a go last night…

The packet weighs 200 g. Ingredients are soya beans (92%), water, preservative E222. Allergens: soya beans and sulphur dioxide.

The bean curd retains a chewy texture after cooking (it loses the dog biscuit smell and does not have a noticeable smell or taste other than the ingredients of the dish). The dish was bean curd with black beans, mushrooms and bean sprouts with plain rice. I’ll post the recipe later.
Gluten free and vegan.

I liked it. I need to refine how it is used a little (soak it whole and then chop it up rather than breaking it up before soaking it).

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